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Vancouver 1994 David Winning, Michael Kevis (assistant director), Tim Hollings (director of photography) and Stan Edmonds (make-up artist) setting up a truck crash sequence for "STORM" in Bragg Creek, Alberta, August 1983. 
David Winning, Michael Kevis (assistant director), and David Palffy ("LOWELL") discuss shot list on the second day of shooting "STORM" in Bragg Creek, Alberta, August 1983.  Director David Winning being interviewed for the electronic press kit, during filming of "EXCEPTION TO THE RULE" in Vancouver, June 1996.
Currie Graham ("DT. PETER LA PIERRE"), David Winning, and Frederic Forrest ("MAJOR BRIDGES") during filming of "ONE OF OUR OWN" in Calgary, July 1996.  Photo by Julian Ferreira.  Amin Bhatia (music composer) and James Porteous (re-recording mixer) at Thunder Road Studios in Calgary during the music mixdown for "STORM".  Photo taken in 1984. 
David Winning discusses a scene with Michael Ironside ("LUTHER KANE") during filming of "KILLER IMAGE" near Calgary, Alberta, October 1990.  William Devane and David Winning during filming of "EXCEPTION TO THE RULE" in Vancouver, Canada, June 1996. 
David Winning working with Lerigot (Jon Simanton) in the temple set during filming of 20th Century Fox's "TURBO: A POWER RANGERS MOVIE" in Los Angeles, November 1996.  Photo by Sam Urdank.  David Winning and Dean Bennett (director of photography) during filming of the opening sequence for "KILLER IMAGE" near Cochrane, Alberta, October 1990. 
The crew of "KILLER IMAGE" celebrates five hundred slates (camera setups) on a highway west of Cochrane, Alberta, October 1990. Photo by Chris Large David Winning and Michael Ironside during filming of "KILLER IMAGE" in Calgary, Canada, October 1990. 
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